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Thats "Miss Zipper Neck" to you.
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So this in no way compares to your crazy in-law issues, but I was recently reminded of this incident:

My uncle-by-marriage has long been notorious in my family (at least my half) for the inappropriate comments he tends to make. Usually just something uncomfortable that can't be responded to. My brother got married last year and everyone was meeting at the church. I was in the kitchen with my nanny (grandma to some) and he walks in, this is how he greets me,"Hello Melissa, I haven't seen you in ages, you sure have gained a lot of weight." Most awkward thing ever. Even more so because I had gained about 10lbs over that year, but I thought I was carrying it well and my clothes covered it. I just sputtered something back, excused myself to go help the bride. As I walked away though I could here my nanny,"What is wrong with you? She looks perfectly fine, you never ever mention....!" After that he's always really careful to compliment me on something when I see him.
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My late Great Aunt Alice was the same.
Nicknamed Fatty Alice (by us behind her back) because my Grandmother was also Alice Doyle, so it was a way of telling them apart. Really it was a cheeky in-joke because she was stout at the time, and she had a habit of mentioning my Mum's weight when she saw her. She got to comment on mine over the years too - and my hair colour/ style. Her favourite phrase was, "Oh you are funny" said in a genuinely bemused way.

One time which we will always remember was when she was looking at holiday photos. Mum & Dad took Grandad on holiday to Spain (while he was still well enough). There a picture of Mum & Grandad on their balcony, having a drink. Mum is in a swimsuit and shorts. Fatty Alice said, "You didn't wear that in public did you?!" Really shocked, like it was pasties and a fany pelmet.

Mum was really upset. She's not a small woman, but she is conservative in her dress. The swimsuit was perfectly respectable attire for a woman of her age and size, and the shorts covered anything wobbly.

It was one of the anecdotes I brought up after her funeral, when we were all sitting round talking.

We did love her though.
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