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The future is unwritten
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Jan 4th, 2017: Time Clock

The Memorandum Clock, a handsome object from the late 1880s. “The photograph in the book
doesn’t really do it justice,” Collins says of what appears to be a column-flanked mantel clock
with a lidded kylix on top, all made out of fine hardwood. In fact, the photo at the top of
this page is not in the book at all, but Collins agreed to share it with us since it reveals the
interior of what is essentially a very elegant time clock.

“Let’s say you had an appointment with your solicitor,” Collins says, using the U.K. term for attorney.
“You would go into his office and write your name on small piece of imitation ivory, probably bone.
You’d place this time card in a slot, and at the end of your hour, the card would pop out the
other end and a bell would ring.

People say these were also used in houses of ill repute,” he adds. “Either way, at the end of
your hour, you would have gotten screwed.”
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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^it sings^
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Looks like that card dispenser works over a twelve hour period. An alarm clock like that would have been handy for elderly family members, with failing short term memory, to remind them when to take their medications, consume meals and even feed their pets. They'd just have to still be able to read the cue word(s) on the cards and have someone else to load them in the mornings.
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We need a beautiful modern version...keep everything natural materials, just make it available to the public!

Interesting that in the UK a solicitor is a lawyer, while in the US 'solicitation' can get you anything from naked dudes answering their door holding guns (my 2nd husband did NOT like Jehovah's Witnesses; to his credit they never came back) to sitting in a jail cell needing a solicitor because you didn't recognize an undercover cop!
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