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This is a fully functional babe lair
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Haha yes, what can I say, the future is bright in the hands of my peers..
Kiss my white Irish ass.
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Exclamation MTX Jack Hammer

Here is the cost so far that I have found for the MTX Jack Hammer.

MTX T9922 [ subwoofer ]

Lowest New Price - $3,499.95

MTX T9922 22" 5000 RMS Subwoofer (320lbs.)
Carbon/Glass Cone and Dust Cap with Honeycomb Center
6.5" Flat Wound Voice Coil 17 AWG Alumunim Wire
Interchangable Cone for SQ Applications and SPL Applications without removing the sub
Thunder Audio Video 877-390-1599 Online Since 1995

Here's were you go to see the price
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Is that your Monte Carlo, mnstrcarlo?

Well, yours or not, that's one suh-weeet ride!

Oh, I almost forgot. Welcome to the cellar.
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Thanks and no that's not mine, I will post a pick of where my 83 monte carlo is at on the progress I have made. Right now the picture is to big so I'll have to take another pic with less pixels, but I will have it up to see soon.
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There's a pixel valve on the back of the computer monitor. You just have to bleed a few off and you can use the original pic that way.
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