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Deja vue Katrina

Capt Nora Tyson maneuvered the USS Bataan, an amphibious aircraft carrier, into position to rescue victims of Katrina. And there it sat anchored about 100 miles off shore and unable to offer assistance because a president did nothing for five days. Due to a Posse Comitatus Act, Federal troops cannot be deployed unless permitted by the President under Title 10. Since George Jr and his administration did nothing for five days, then the USS Bataan sat anchored at sea off of New Orleans mostly doing only reconnaissance - anchored nearby to Navy ships from The Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico also there to rescue victims.

When George Jr finally authorized military assistance, then both the USS Bataan and USS Iwo Jima (that arrived from Norfolk) steamed up the Mississippi to dock within blocks of the Super Dome and convention center. Finally six operating rooms and facilities to fed 10,000 people daily got implemented - how many days after they were available?

Eventually, even the USS Comfort, a hospital ship, was deployed. But that was over a week after Katrina did its damage. Because it was desperately needed a week earlier.

What could aircraft carriers do that was most needed? Recharge radios for police, fire, and other civilian authorities who had no communication.

One would think this would never happen again. Puerto Rico is now five days with almost no Federal Assistance. Unfortunately the press cannot get there - no roads exist - to or on island. But it is an island. A perfect location for aircraft carriers all over the Atlantic and Gulf to deploy immediate assistance.

Instead another mental midget president wants to attack the NFL rather than deploy what that island desperately needs - supplies, fuel, transport, and hospitals that lie in abundance on so many nearby and underemployed aircraft carriers and other Navy ships.

The difference? Reporters could get into New Orleans immediately to see who the problem really was. Puerto Rico can only be accessed by air. Even an air traffic control station atop Puerto Rico's highest mountain is damaged and unavailable for days. And it takes days for the National Guard to chop (clear) an access road. And then repairs can be implemented. Meaning is it difficult to air in desperately needed supplies.

But aircraft carriers already have those supplies and could have been there on day one. It required a president and his staff to be moderates - not wacko extremists. "You are doing a good job Brownie" as people were dying even from no water. Deja vue.

Assistance that could happen in hours if a president had less contempt for over 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico. He even blames them for damage to 'obsolete infrastructure' rather than deploy assistance.

Sound just like the Beverly Hills Supper Club where hundreds were harmed or died in a fire. Then victims were blamed for their own death by a government report. Do we still elected people that dumb?

85% of all problems are directly traceable to top management. Since this president (as dumb as the people who support him) instead blames the victims, then 99% of all problems are directly traceable to him.

Well he finally authorized military assistance. For example, less than a third of Puerto Rico's hospitals are functional. So today, the USS Comfort was finally ordered to deploy. It sat in Norfolk for five days doing nothing. It is a slow ship. It will take many more days to get there. It could have been there long ago if a president was intelligent rather than egotistical. And was working for America - not for his own promotion and ego.

Why did he finally authorize assistance? Uproar criticism on Twitter was too much to ignore. If he did not do something, then even the dumbest Americans, his supporters, might finally learn how mistaken they have been.

Deja vue Katrina. This time the mental midget president is Trump. Hurricane that demonstrated what his real agenda is: Maria.

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