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Irritating me yesterday, but I'm over it today.

So my wife and I were talking about how things have just been too much lately and how it would be awesome to take a vacation. So I started looking at winter break airfares to warm climates, and was hoping for some miracle sale or something, but of course, all the warm places I could thin of during school break are $750 per person RT just for airfare (times 4.) Too much.

So then I found direct round trip flights to St. Augustine for $164 each. Outstanding! We can afford that! Stay in some crappy motel and rent a cheap car. It seemed doable. So I mentioned it to the kids. "Hey, let's go to Florida after Christmas for a week." And they completely shot me down. They want to stay home in case their friends happen to want to get together.

I'm not one to force people to let me spend a couple grand on them taking them on vacation. So I dropped the idea. But who are these kids?
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You and the wife take that week off anyway. Take yourselves a staycation. Stay the night or weekend right there in/near town in a really nice hotel. Spend a little bit of that couple grand on yerownselves. Throw the kids at some relatives/friends for the night/weekend.

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I agree. When they're little, vacations are for the kids. When they're older, vacations are for the grownups. I admit it felt weird, even a little wrong, when we first decided to go on a vacation without the kids this summer. But it was awesome. And they did just fine with the Grandmas. And when it was looking like there might be a day in the middle where the Grandmas couldn't make the coverage, some friends at the church offered to stay with them if we needed. You'd be surprised how excited old people are to get to take care of kids for a couple days.
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Chain 'em to a radiator for a week, with a blanket and some food. They'll need even less food if you turn the heat off, because their metabolism slows down in hibernation.

Oh, and a pot to piss in.
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