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Maybe because half marathons are usually run on less rural turf and runners are spaced closer they're more likely to pick up a loose dog without drawing much attention except for the runners.

I got the impression the Alabama dog didn't stay with the same runners for the whole race, but spent more time at the water stations. Probably they wouldn't hand he a cup and had to scrounge what the runners discarded.
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Meanwhile in London...

Blimp of London mayor flies above UK capital

A giant blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan hovered Saturday above Westminster in a crowdfunded protest against his record on tackling violent crime in the UK capital.

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A small crowd of supporters and members of the media gathered to see the giant balloon -- which depicts the mayor reclining in a small yellow bikini -- as it was flown for two hours, the Press Association news agency reported. …

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… Protest organizer Yanny Bruere, who describes himself as a British free speech advocate, said he had set up the crowdfunding campaign in response to London authorities' decision to allow a "Trump Baby" blimp to be flown during a visit to Britain in July by President Donald Trump.

He said the Parliament Square event would mark "the fightback for free speech in our country." ...

… The blimp's swimwear is a reference to a controversial weight-loss advertisement banned from the Transport for London network by Khan in 2016 that depicted a woman in a yellow bikini with the slogan "Are you beach body ready?" ...

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Girl wearing bikini is banned. But topless girls every day in each newstand is not? What and why is the reasoning?
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He did it so his teenaged girls wouldn't be body shamed on public transportation. It had nothing to do with pandering to voters.

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Meanwhile in Texas...

Stop, hey, what's that sound. Everybody look what's going down...

Were Alamo defenders ‘heroic’? Committee suggests removing the word from Texas curriculum.

Texas State Board of Education votes to erase Hillary Clinton [and Hellen Keller] from history curriculum

Clod? Clod? Anyone? Clod?
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Good. Now get rid of all the remaining TEKS requirements, too, and teach the kids how to use critical thinking and expression to make their own arguments about whether a historical figure was heroic or made a worthy impact.
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Old 10-12-2018, 10:02 PM   #262
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It looks like that Texas State Board of Education vote to erase Hillary Clinton from its history curriculum was a good call. Hillary requested that the State Department revoke her security clearance; so, they did. Ha! People knew she wasn't trustworthy and now it's official ('bout time she came clean).
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