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Parenting Bringing up the shorties so they aren't completely messed up

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still says videotape
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Last Child First Gig

So it's her final semester and Lil Griff got the paying gig she wanted at NECC. She can work on her Graduate Degree on site for a nominal fee. Sometimes internships pay off. She has even started organizing her housing situation with a guy friend from school, maybe her cousin who starts at BU in the fall, and maybe his cousin. Let the wild rumpus begin.

*fantasizing about retirement*

btw: her all girl college band is up and running
If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.
- Louis D. Brandeis

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Very nice. It's the way things are supposed to work out, to send our kids off into the world to take care of themselves. I hope to be there myself some day. No guarantees, so it's nice to see it working out.
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Ho Hum, Just another outstanding super achievement(s) from a Griftopian. Must be the water.
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