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Jan 11th, 2019 : leaves

Joanna Wirazka , a 16 year old polish girl comes, paints art and leaves.
No, I didn’t leave out a coma. She paints leaves, and would be happy to send you one or more.
They come framed in your choice of black or white, for only $150, (£117.59, 130.24 Euros).
All the pictures show colored pencils, and some sites say she used them, but dried leaves are pretty fragile.

As the leaves begin to fall and blanket the ground, Polish artist Joanna Wirazka allows this seasonal process to inspire her. She collects various leaves and then repurposes them as eclectic canvases. Upon this natural workspace, Wirazka creates incredible landscapes with colored pencils and acrylic paints that further accentuate Mother Nature’s immense beauty. Alternatively, she also enjoys depicting urban environments from around the world–including big cities like New York and London. When producing these metropolises, the creative pays close attention to the light emanating from skyscrapers and to the street signs that dot the never-ending avenues of their respective cityscapes.
After reading that I need 16 units of insulin.

The Polish artist told Upworthy via email that she painted her first leaf on New Year's Eve of last year. While all of her friends were getting ready for a party, she spent the whole day painstakingly drying, painting, and coloring — inspired by the brilliant hues of the fireworks in the night sky.
She never thought anyone would care until, she says, a popular art blog shared an Instagram photo of that first leaf, and she suddenly gained thousands of fans.

She collects the leaves from a park near her house then sets them inside a book and waits for them to dry. From there, she paints them black using water-based acrylic paints before adding in her signature explosion of color. She says she's fascinated with the bright lights of New York, London, and Los Angeles; cities she hopes to see in person one day.

But these aren't just pretty pictures of far off places to her. These paintings have a powerful message. "I wanted to say that we don't have to cut trees to have paper for drawing or painting," she said. "I think it's important to raise people's awareness about the really bad condition of our planet."
It’s heartening to know young folks in far off places are at least aware all is not right with the world.



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It’s heartening to know young folks in far off places do something in life other than stare at a cellphone 24 hours a day.
Good for her!
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still says videotape
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