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Oct 3rd, 2017: Moths

The weather around the globe has gotten extreme, very dry to very wet, severe tornadoes, monsoons and hurricanes.
Thanks to the diligence of mathematicians we know chaos is applicable to more than math.
Everyone now knows these violent storms are caused by those asshole butterflies.

Since the War on Drugs was so successful it’s time for a War on Butterflies.
They’re all smug and think they’re untouchable. “We’re so pretty”, “Children would cry”, “Your mother would be mad at you”,
they taunt. But we have an ace up our sleeve, Moths are pretty too, and don’t cause storms.
EMMET GOWIN'S UNLIKELY love affair with moths started 20 years ago in Ecuador. Driving up a mountain road one night, his guide pulled over and set up a powerful light. Over the next three hours, Gowin watched in awe as hundreds of moths fluttered out of the forest toward the glow. "They’re all so exquisitely beautiful and unpredictable," he says.
He went on to photograph more than 1,000 moth species in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana and Panama for his new book.

He traveled to Central and South America nearly 40 times to photograph moths in the wild, often joining expeditions with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama City. Gowan documented most in the middle of the night, kneeling before a UV light pointed at a white sheet or art print. They were tricky little subjects: Some flew away at the burst of the flash; others played dead. Gowin worked with film and digital cameras, but almost always made sure he had cotton balls stuff in his ears to prevent a curious critter from crawling in. "I met a researcher who had a moth or beetle lodged in his ear and had to hike out and have it removed in hospital," he says "It's a story researchers tell to beginners, with good reason."

The photos are an obsessive, exhaustive homage to a creature Gowin finds beautiful, even if most people associate it with chewed-up sweaters. He's aware of the problem. “I’m very keen on Persian carpets, and the moths like them too. It’s a constant little struggle,” Gowin says. “But in a balanced world, we find our place among these things.”It’s the sort of wisdom you only gain at 2 o’clock in the morning, shining a bright light on a sheet, waiting for the bugs to arrive.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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