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still says videotape
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Pipe Bombs

So I'm guessing the false flag chatter is alt right embarrassment that their guy can't make a simple pipe bomb.

Honestly though, nuts come in all political flavors. The bottom line is that words matter so maybe we attack ideas not people.
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Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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Originally Posted by Griff View Post
So I'm guessing the false flag chatter is alt right embarrassment that their guy can't make a simple pipe bomb.
No, the false flag chatter is what they say for all domestic terrorists who aren't immediately identifiable as Muslim.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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Never forget who inspires these wackos. Same person also inspired tens of thousands in a KKK / White Supremacist / Nazi rally in NC. One went to a pizza shop to shoot people after inspire by lies and resulting hate. He was told Hillary was running a pedophile ring from that pizza shop. So murdering people was good. He was doing Trump's will. Allahu Akbar.

Great leaders in our past preached a unifying gesture of healing - ie Sandy Hook. But a wacko leader inspires division. Hitler obtained power using the exact same technique. The Don simply does same. He also knows where his power comes from.

When supporters are adults who are still children, then blame it all on someone else. Paint them as evil. Create more hate. That make corrupt leaders popular.

The Don blames a responsible press for inspiring those actions of hate - just like he blamed moderates for the violence and gun play on streets in Charlotte NC. He cannot blame the KKK / White Supremacist / Nazis for that violence. People who hate most are people who voted him into office. Hate and violence is how any mafioso Don obtains and maintains power.

Then note which kind of adults run to The Don's defense.

Most are just too young to remember how Sen Joe McCarthy also did same hate - inspired by lies and self promotion.

Another lie. Muslims are hiding among Central American immigrants to get into America and kill us all. Clearly all Muslims must be evil. Even adults (who are still children) in Minnesota are already expressing fear on wacko extremist radio talk shows.

Even Nixon was not this corrupt.
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The future is unwritten
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Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Sinclair Broadcasting in local television, and much of AM talk radio, and the fast and efficient manure spreaders of the right. Nothing remotely related to journalism, just propaganda to prevent outrage at Congress and Trump's foibles.
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very fine people

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