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Strange Laws

In Kentucky residents are required to bathe once a year. I think that is a good thing.
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What about Kentucky ex-pats?
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I knew someone who managed to get arrested for "driving" drunk in Washington state. It was a small town just outside a small First Nations reservation (Tulalip), and he rode his horse down to the bar. Got slumped-over, blind drunk. Got on the horse, which wanted to go back to his buddies at home and knew the way. Watching some half-dead-drunk dude slopping around on his horse was too much for the cop; even though the 'horse knows the way' was true, the drunk still got a ticket. And no, he wasn't First Nations; his late wife was, which is why he was allowed to own 5 acres on the reservation until his own death just a couple of years back.
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Yes the horse knows the way, but ignores stop signs and other traffic laws.
We have the same problem with Amish kids out partying then letting the horse get the buggy home.
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In Michigan, if you sneeze during your wedding ceremony, you can get the marriage annulled without penalty/cost and without deadline.
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