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The future is unwritten
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Dabble in Art

I've figured why I don't dabble in art...
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Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Art buying or art creation? I mean, the dog's probably a vase that survived the bombing of a European city in WWII or something, and the photograph may be by or of someone famous. The ink-on-paper ones have to be about the artist's fame, because I've seen more interesting, compelling work for $20 on Etsy.

Dabbling in the creation of art, any form of art, can be immensely important depending on someone's personality. I've self-identified as an artist since I was 4 years old (my mother swears--like a sailor, but this is one she says is true) and have done just about everything except engraving, gemstone carving, and anything involving high explosives. I'll never be famous, but I'd still rather identify as an artist than as a health-care worker, and I've been assisting other people with in-facility and in-home health care, sometimes paid but usually volunteer, for thirty-two years this summer. It's what I do now. My sweetie has brain damage from a REALLY bad medication fail, and my neighbor...jeez, where to start with THAT guy. Cerebral palsy. Feet on sideways. Both ankles surgically fused. Massive muscle atrophy in both legs. Congenital deformation of one hip joint. Broken lumbars in 1982, when his disability application was ripped up and round-filed right in front of him and he was told to bring it back when he was in a wheelchair. Poor vision from being in an incubator. Internal adhesion scarring in his guts from several vehicular accidents. His mom was told she'd never hold him because he'd die in the incubator (he was born 3 months early). Then that she'd never take him home. Then that he'd never have a birthday party. He's 53 now, but if he didn't have a volunteer health care helper he'd be just SO screwed.

And yet still, in my heart, the artist is at the forefront. I did once sell a sculpture for well over $100, but now I can't hold my sculpting tools or materials so I am working on building a photo library legacy for the gem and mineral club I belong to, since they have no other photographers. Won't ever be a 3-figure price tag on any of my images...but that's okay by me.
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The future is unwritten
Join Date: Oct 2002
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These are all brand new pieces however pricing could be from reputation. I just don't see the value, but I've seen what I thought looked like shit sell for big bucks.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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It's like ebay. The asking price isn't what a thing is worth. Gotta look at the sales price to find that value.
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