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The Mandela Effect

Just stumbled across this today and it's totally screwed my mind .. I'm sure C3PO never had a silver leg in Starwars??! Anyone else suffering from this?

The Mandela Effect – Incredible Signs That You’ve Jumped To A Parallel Universe
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Also a very stable genius.
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Mandela, I thought, was mostly a surname. My mom used to find awesome adult coloring books of mandala designs back in the 70s. I still have her pro-quality Pentel 24-color fine-point set, and believe it or not FORTY YEARS later some still work!
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I think our Silence of the Lambs DVD has the "Hello, Clarice". Now I gotta watch it again to be sure. The only other question I wanna watch just Silence, or all 4? And no, I do not include Hannibal Rising. The book was so bad the AUTHOR left out the main character's 2 most distinctive features (eye color & removed 6th finger). I mean that I include Manhunter along with Red Dragon, because they're the same damn movie. It's just that one has Edward Norton vs. Voldemort and the other one has Grissom from CSI. Who, by the way, is severely bowlegged...hard to notice in the tv series, but I'm pretty sure there's a family beach scene in which he wears shorts in Manhunter. I think Tom Noonan, known to many from his appearances in Eight Legged Freaks and Robocop 2, was Dolarhyde in Manhunter.

Dammit, now I definitely have to watch those movies. I'll wait until my downstairs neighbor's asleep--Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal in particular freak him right out.
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