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Amaz*n Subscribe-n-Save is Bullshirt

I've been an Amazon customer since 2005. In that time, I have placed nearly 1,000 orders, 233 of which were in the last year. Obviously I am a Prime member, plus I use Kindle and have an Audible subscription as well. I know Jeff Bezos is evil and all, but I am, for better or worse, completely addicted to their ability to put the most random stuff on my doorstep less than 48 hours after I've asked for it.

A few years ago they introduced this "Subscribe-n-Save" program where you commit (sort of, because you can skip upcoming orders and cancel anytime) to regular deliveries of a particular product, in return for which you get between 5%-15% off, depending on the number of subscriptions you have arriving in any given month. When it first came out, I investigated, and didn't sign up because nothing I actually wanted was eligible.

A year or two later, I looked in again, and their offerings had expanded. So I signed up, but soon quit after they were routinely out of stock on the day of my shipment, plus the prices fluctuated month-to-month so what looked like a good deal when I signed up would suddenly end up costing more than my grocery store at the last minute.

In the last six months or so I have signed up again, because they seem to have stabilized their prices better and are offering even more these days that I actually want.

BUT. Twice now, I've gotten an email that said my package was "damaged," and being sent back to the warehouse. The money was refunded, but of course the whole reason I'm subscribing to these things is I actually need them every month, and it is now incumbent upon me to re-order them individually in the normal fashion--for which, of course, I will not receive my 15% discount. I have never, in nearly 1,000 orders over 13 years, had a package damaged by the carrier and returned to the warehouse, but now it's happened twice, in a very particular way that forces me to pay 15% more than I was originally promised.

I strongly suspect that "your package was damaged" is code for "meh, our profit margin got too low this month so it never left the warehouse. Buy it at full price, sucker."
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It could be a problem with the carrier, their processing or delivery people for your route if there has been some employee turnover.

I can see why they don't automatically resend the item as the customer may have already gone out and made a purchase elsewhere because of the delay. They don't want to have to deal with returns.

I'd contact customer service; however, and request a credit for the loss of the subscription discount after reordering the item.

If the delivery schedule you set up isn't critical, you could adjust the delivery date: e.g., if the delivery date was the 10th of the month; but, you were notified the damaged package was returned as undeliverable, change the delivery date to the 14th and see if ships again. Cancel the subscription and restart it with the new delivery date if that's what it takes.

They can change the prices on subscribed items at any time so it won't help if there's been a price change; but, it may enable you to keep the subscription discount without having to recoup it by contacting customer service.
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"...your package was damaged by the carrier and returned to the warehouse."
I find that interesting. I'm not a prime member and never order anything I can't wait a week for, so I generally check off the free 5 to 10 day delivery, when available. But because I live in an area where Amazon has their own delivery contractors, and if it's coming from the Amazon warehouse, they often deliver in two or three days. If it's coming from someone in the Amazon Market Place the it comes by UPS, USPS, or the UPS-USPS last mile.

Last week I had ordered 100 blank greeting cards. Get an email it was delivered to the front door. Go out and the yellow padded envelope is laying on the doormat, but when I pick it up it's practically weightless. Sure enough it was ripped along the top on the backside and empty. It looked like it could have been ripped from rough handling but why the fuck would he leave an obviously empty envelope?

I got on chat with Amazon and asked just that question but she didn't have an answer. I got a refund within 2 hours and reordered which came in 2 days. I've been thinking maybe Amazon policy for drivers is deliver the package no matter what... but now I wonder?
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Old 12-10-2018, 12:01 AM   #4
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That's part of it--the particular items in these two packages could have withstood a beating even if the outer box ended up torn, wet, etc. It would almost have to be run over with a truck before you could honestly look at it and say "this is in an undeliverable condition." That's why I'm suspicious that it wasn't actually damaged at all, they just pretended it was.
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Thinking back on some pkgs I've taken delivery of (not necessarily Amazon), I shudder at "undeliverable condition".

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