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Apollo 11

Ok how many of you in Cellar-land are of the opinion that it didnít happen?
Been reading loads from people that think it was all a con, staged and a downright fraud by NASA,
Iím not of that opinion by the way, but Iím curious as to why so many people are.
How can you keep a lid on it for 50+ years and over 400,000 people directly involved for 10 years or more if it was faked?
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^it sings^
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When the lunar lander was firing it's retrorockets to touchdown, it would have melted the green cheese the moon is made of and turned the landing site into a big fondue; yet, nothing that supposedly came back from the moon had cheese on it. The clincher was that when asked, none of the astronauts could identify which wine pairs best with green cheese. Just too many holes in the story to be believable.
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Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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One sad result of the coincidence of timing is that there will be a set of conspiracy theorists who will think that Trump is the president who got people to the moon.
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