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What are You Watching on Netflix Instant/Amazon Prime/orwhateverotherinstreaming

Decided to start a thread on this because it's where I'm doing most of my viewing lately, and while most of the content is available on DVD it isn't actually on DVD so ...

Couple of recent picks:

Sound and Fury - two brothers, one deaf, one hearing, each with a deaf child, struggle with the decision over cochlear implants. Kind of interesting, and says a lot about deaf culture.

Inheritance - documentary about Amon Goeth's daughter (yeah, the one Ralph Fiennes plays in Schindler's List).

24 - I just started watching this. I never watched this while it was on, which is a darn shame. It's pretty good. I think I have a couple plot points figured out (I'm on hour 5), but I'm probably completely wrong.
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