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Domain squatters are worse than people who drive slowly in the left lane

Something I noticed today: - original website, hasn't changed from when it was first registered - domain squatter - domain squatter - domain squatter - domain squatter - finally, unregistered.

FIVE asdfs! There are people in the world who think that five asdfs is going to be worth something to someone.

Well there are about to be a bunch more top-level domain names, so at some point, dot-com is going to become less valuable real estate. Things are going to get weird RSN.

I finally ran into a client who has a service mark on their name. This means they can basically squash the squatter who has the name, take it from them with no compensation. I won't link to that squatter, as I don't want to give them any kind of promotion. I want to squash them like a bug. (But the client is a sushi restaurant in Philly (and look what a nice job I did on their temporary website which will be replaced with something even nicer))
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“Hypocrisy: prejudice with a halo”
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I think getting away from dot com will be a good thing. But you are right, it is going to get weird before we all figure it out.
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