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Medical Billing

I get a monthly report from my insurer and this one has the year end totals.
It shows the bills, then what the "plan" approved which was a tick over 30%.
Next it shows what the "plan" paid which was a tick under 30% leaving almost a grand difference.
Subtracting what I paid from that difference leaves $763 agreed but unpaid.
Adding the $763 to the 70% billed but not agreed to(read unpaid) amounts to $110,731 billed but unpaid.
This amount just evaporates, vanishes into the ether, supper for birds and beasties.
I wonder if the bill sender can write it off as a loss? Otherwise why bill for more than had already been agreed with the insurance company.
Maybe it's to legally establish their price for people who don't have insurance, or more coverage.
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My (step) FiL was sat up in bed by a PT. This is apparently a trigger for halting insurance, now he has to go to a nursing home and his insurance company washes its hands of him. That pushes him off onto medicare after they eat his assets. You ever get the idea that tax-payers are already paying for the most expensive care?
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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Maybe it's to legally establish their price for people who don't have insurance, or more coverage.
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Momdigr's hospital stay many years ago came to ~$65k, after all was said and done (and billed multiple times) her part came to just over $1000.

Popdigr's bypass was something like $55k (I'm not 100% on that number), his part came to about $1800.

Insurance is a money pit, and money thrown away...until you need that first time.


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