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I don't know about the getting pregnant again before we get any answers. We waited a year before trying again because I was so hurt by the first one. I go for the blood tests that check for clotting in the morning, and we will see if anything comes up there. I have been very happy with the doctor we see now, it's just that I end up with so many questions two days after I see her that I can't find answers to.
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Maybe ask your doctor to test for a progesterone deficiency (if s/he hasn't already)? Also, things like hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure can cause miscarriage, and those can be dealt with if they come up positive on the tests your doctor runs. Are you taking any medications right now?

I doubt it's any kind of chromosomal issue, at your age that would be pretty rare.
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I had the blood drawn yesterday to check for clotting disorders. We should get results from that over the next three weeks. After talking to the doctor, I don't feel any more reassured, but at least I know what options are available to me. If the blood tests come back negative, I can have a radiological scan of my uterus to see if it is mis-formed in some way. The dr. said this was a fairly invasive test and didn't seem like it was in my best interests. Other than that, we can "try again!" If we miscarry a thrid time, then we are allowed to see a specialist.
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