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Originally Posted by monster View Post
and every time there are glimmers of life being better, I get smacked right back down again. To the point where I'm now afraid of feeling happy.
Dr Michael Osterholm on 26 April 2020 on "Meet the Press":

What we have not done is really have just been clear with the public or with, in many cases, the people who are making these tests, what we want. You know, there is just far too much happy talk. There is not enough what do we need, what is it going to take to get us there, and how are we going to do it. And so even today, it is all about excuses, about what we are doing for testing or not. Where is our strategic plan that lays out why we are going to use the test, how we are going to use the test, when will it be available? And we do not have that.
He is complaining about too much 'happy talk'. Notice who is happy and who is not.
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