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We've heard about the computers on the Apollo Program being less powerful than your current phone. Well here's another example of good shrinkage.
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Indeed, technology has taken a huge stride towards miniaturization.
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One Japanese semi-conductor firm has become so successful they're moving into smaller premises.
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Originally Posted by Peterdowe View Post
Indeed, technology has taken a huge stride towards miniaturization.
Really? That is the same size semiconductors we put into satellites in 1980. That connector is massive compared to connectors that we normally used back then.

The strides are actually slower than Gordon Moore predicted in the mid 1960s. All that stuff would decrease in size by a factor of two every year. The actual number was 18 months.

Not amazing. This happens in industries that choose to innovate.

The four cylinder engine had as much horsepower as a big V-8 - in the mid 1970s. So why was it keep stifled for 20 years - when Japanese and Europeans finally discovered and implemented this stifled technology?

Broadband (1,000,000 bytes/sec) was available in 1981 when the baby bells so stifled innovation - only 1200 baud modems were available. Why did it take 15 years to get Megabytes per second? Clinton had to pass a law to force innovation.

Amazing are so many innovations stifled for so long by companies that fear to innovate. CFL bulb was available for 20 years before Walmart forced business school graduates to finally manufacturer it.

LCD were available in Raritan NJ in the 1960s. In 1981, an LCD video screen was displaying DOS. Stifled until Japanese manufacturers uncovered and manufactured it decades later.
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the answer to all of those why's is money

if they went from alpha to omega in one step, they give up all the 'improved version' sales in between, don't they?

don't get mad about it. we all need the work. it's natural
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