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Or... Ambien.

Edited to add
Also a very stable genius.

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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
A stove turning itself on in the middle of the night of when you're not home is absolutely unacceptable.
Critically important is why. Only gas stoves I have seen always turned on gas mechanically. Apparently this is an electrical gas control? Never saw one.

This could be a major design fault. For example, electronics must have a seperate circuit (often called a watchdog timer) that forces everything off if an electronics failure is detected. I can personally cite some industrial equipment I redesigned because such required functions were missing. In one case, all valves opened simultaneously - that should and must never happen. (In this case, fortunately only birds were killed.)

So, you may not have to pay for anything. If any electronics could open valves (and ignite gas), then GE may pay for everything (to keep you quiet).

Critically important is to know up front what exists. Then define what would have failed to let that stove power on. Know that stuff before legal powers take over.
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Gas furnaces turn on electrically.
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That's terrifying. Report that crap to the manufacturer, and see if others have reported the same thing.
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Yeah. It's annoying. I have unplugged it. And we will continue to use it until we get a new one someday. Just have to always plug it in to use, and then unplug it again afterwards.

The culprit it almost certainly the cracked plastic membrane that covers the touchpad. The crack is right next to the bake button and comes from 15 years of pressing bake. Material fatigue. When the button gets pressed in now, the membrane kind of hangs up on itself at the crack, and continues to exert a little force on the contacts underneath. I saw it try to turn itself on when I was standing in front of it a month or two ago. I put electrical tape over the crack then, and that seemed to fix it, but apparently not completely.

Anyway, it's unplugged now.
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Now that I think about it a little, I think I am going to tear the membrane over that button off completely and put electrical tape over it. We can just press the tape.

I really just want to find a new range that has the features I want.
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They don't make them like they used to.

And looking even more closely, I see there is a little frame in between the contacts behind the membrane. The cracked membrane flap is hanging up on the back side of that frame when it gets pushed in. Sometimes with enough force to press against the contact.
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The mower we bought 17 years ago started easily enough, and did the whole lawn just fine with old gas in it. Yard Machine, B&S motor, I think.
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