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Down here at the pawn shop

"... it's a nifty way to shop..."

So yeah, one day a week now, I work at the pawn shop. This is why I was in the bad section of town the other day, because that's where I work, North Philly. My job is to eBay the various items. I enjoy it. I don't work with the customers but I generally sit right near all the action and overhear everything.

Black lady: "Did they close down the Popeye's Chicken across the street?"
Staff: "Yeah."
Lady: "When did they do that?"
Staff: "Last month."
Lady: "Don't they know black people love fried chicken?"

Black dude: "You gotta give me five more dollars. I'm Jewish."
Jewish staffer: "Really? OK... what's the prayer we say before opening the Torah?"
Dude: "Uh..." (and he makes the throat-clearing sound, you know, the bit between the L and the Chaim in "l'chaim".)
Staffer: "Not good enough. Not good enough. Everybody knows it's a phlegm-based language."
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