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Live Report

There is a video clip on Reddit showing just a few seconds of a Trump beside the road rally in Pittsfield, MA, where a large white man is the aggressor against a much smaller black man but gets knocked out.

I know a guy in Pittsfield, he works for the town, knows everyone, I think he's a republican and I'm sure he knows I'm not, so I sent him a link. This is what I got back.

You have been thru that intersection

Ya, I know... its getting aggressive...
The media keeps peddling "All Trump supporters are racists" and "all black people loot whenever a criminal is shot."
They are getting what they want,.. race wars and lawlessness.

The real story..
Been watching this unfold on my way home for months.
The Trump people have been on that corner every Friday since Feb from 5-7pm.
waving flags, smiling and waving at traffic.
Absolutely no problems.

Most are elderly,. youngest one in the group is 60.
2 are in wheel chairs, and 2 are on electric scooters.
This group ranges from 20-60 people.
There are 6 black people in this group.

Back in June, blm (notice small caps) decided to counter protest.
The Trump people were fine, "Its America, join us" they even had some of the blm people standing with them.
Offered them water and had no problem for a long time.

One day, I stopped at the car parts store right on that corner.
When I came out, I saw this mixed crowd with "Trump" and "blm" signs all mixed in.
Everyone seemed happy ..
This intrigued me,. I approached the group and asked hows things are going.
I spoke to just about all the people including the blm black guys,.
They said "We are actually having a good time,. these are nice people,. I wouldn't be surprised if we all go out for a beer after".
Someone in the crowd ribbed the black guy and said "Ya, that's not happening" .. everyone laughed,.
then the wiseguy clarified, "Yes,. we are having a good time, id share a beer with you anytime".
He (The white guy) grabbed a blm sign and waved it above his head..
The blm black guy grabbed a Trump flag and stood next to him by the road.
I thought it was very cool to see,. I wished I took a video of that.

it was all fine until the white woman blm people started coming around calling the black males in with the Trump people "traders".

Next thing you know, they are in separated groups. The 3 blm black males went off with the 20 or so white women.
.. then the blm decided to take over the Trump spot like it was their turf.
The Trump people moved down from the corner and let blm take it (notice the now empty corner blm so desperately wanted?).
They started throwing shit at the Trump people and at passing cars that tooted in support of the Trump people.
wtf , the people have been there every Friday for over 7 months peacefully.

Note,. the 30 year old black man was in the middle of the Trump group harassing a 63 year old man.

All that black guy had to do was back away, he didn't have to hit the old guy.
Then after, he could have run, because anyone in that group were in no condition to chase him.
So who started the trouble? The media would say the racist Trump supporters ...
which by the way STILL have 6 Blacks in the group.

Now the cops are out there all the time because the blm white girls are still throwing things at cars,
damaging parked cars with Trump stickers, one was arrested for jumping up and down on what she thought was a trump supporters car,.. it wasn't..
They are swearing and calling names, and carrying signs for "Defund police and end ICE."
And no shit,.. they keep chanting in the cops faces "Stop Killing Our Boyfriends" over and over.

Now that's a sick group.

There is not one Trump rally or group beating people up, looting, burning shit down, or disrespecting cultures.
But Main Stream media describes the blm "Protests" as "mostly peaceful" ..
I witnessed first hand how that movement works,.. they are destructive to property, morals, and life itself, FAR from peaceful.

Pittsfield has never had racial indifference.
Our Chief of Police is black, black unemployment is the same percentage as white.
I grew up in brown town, never had differences unique to racial divide.
White girls get spirited over media brainwashing,. and all hell breaks loose.
Even our black citizens are asking "What the hell happened?"

This is what is behind that video.
So that's the local (just a little bias) report behind that video.
But we did agree it's the wimmin causing all the trouble.
The descent of man ~ Nixon, Friedman, Reagan, Trump.
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