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Watched that recently. Decent.

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We were all feelin down and kinda crushed by circumstance last night, so we retreated to some awful, awful favorites. Like Ghost Rider (don't judge me, I like the effects, especially the dual riders headed for San Venganza scene, and I'm old enough to think Sam Elliott is hot). And The Avengers. Side note, I can't WAIT for my birthday because Thor 3: Ragnarok will be on the big screen and it looks so frisky from the teaser!

Also, SQUEE they paid Jimmy Page whatever ridiculous amount he demanded to use one of my fave Zep tunes in the teaser!!! I WILL be singing along if they preview it at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (which is going to be the next theater movie we see) on account of I've known the lyrics to that song for most of my life...
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Old 04-29-2017, 08:00 AM   #258
Operations Operative
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I've been recommending a couple of Werner Herzog documentaries a lot lately, too.

Inferno is about volcanoes, with a really awesome side trip in Ethiopia to hunt hominid fossils.

Happy People is about sable trappers in the heart of the Russian taiga, the vast forest that covers much of central and eastern Russia. Way more interesting than it sounds!

Both are available on streaming as far as I know. It hasn't been terribly long since I checked, so hopefully they're still there.
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