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Parenting Bringing up the shorties so they aren't completely messed up

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We are grandparents again!

My son and his wife had their baby, a little girl who will be called Evelyn Deirdre. She took a bit to get out, she was turned the wrong way and the labor got sort of long but my daughter in law had to have a C section with her first child so she really wanted to have this one the normal way and it all worked out. Evelyn was 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches in length.

She is our 19th grandchild. We have another one due next month! This one will be a boy.
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Great news! Congratulations, Chris!
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20 grandchildren is awesome! Christmas must be crazy.
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Happy birthday!
Also a very stable genius.
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Wow! Congratulations!
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