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Originally Posted by traceur View Post
I more or less feel the same. Though I feel Elysium was a decent sci-fi action flick and it's a pretty good viewing experience if you are willing to take it for what it is rather then curve it out of the expectations that might come with the words "From the maker of District 9".

BTW, he is current working on the new Alien movie... I think the reaction to that will be interesting, because that franchise as a whole is often revered as a masterful piece of art with very little in the way of political or philosophical statements (At least not beyond "Corporations are evil"), but more so for it's psychology, aesthetics & executions. I think this might give him an opportunity to bring forth his strengths in those areas, in a work where politicizing the franchise would probably do more harm then good.
I'm looking forward to it with reserved enthusiasm in case it is horrible. It creates a dialectic between my respect for him and my general feeling taht re-makes are the resort of the unimaginative. As you allude to, what else can be added to the conversation?

I recently re-watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with the inch as the first part of the double feature re-release/re-make of the same. About 45 minutes into the re-make we had to stop for some reason. Up to that point I felt the plot holes created by trying to update the film in light of modern technology were distracting. Eventually, I got to the reveal of the updated message. The first film was a warning about the dangers of unchecked aggression in the new nuclear age and the update was about the dangers of unchecked climate destruction in the new ozone-free CO2 enriched age.

Plus, Keanu Reeves is somewhat one dimensional, and while that may be an advantage when playing an extra-terrestrial, it didn't really work for me.
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