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John McCain is openly commenting about an extremist. An extremist did not have decency to console or even send a letter to widows of four dead Green Berets. And then made disparaging remarks during a phone call. That phone call only happened because a reporter asked about his 'zero response' 12 days later.

A liar will double down on his lies. He then accused other presidents of being just as disrespectful. IOW he lied. Even CBS News and the BBC said so. His lies are so blatant that news sources all over the world are still reporting on his impertinence. Putin loves to have an adult, acting like a child, as his adversary.

This man has lied more in six months that Nixon did in one and a half terms. So much that both George Jr and Obama today (a first for both men) commented on his narcissistic behavior.

It is never that a former president criticizes a sitting president. But this one is that egotistical; with an over-inflated IQ. Who is winning the IQ contest between he and Tillerson?

Tom Hanks recently noted that we have had brilliant and fools for president. He was then asked which was Trump. He diplomatically stated (with a smile on his face) that Trump was not a brilliant one.
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The deceased soldier, who's family is complaining about Trump's phone call, was not a Green Beret. There are pictures of him online showing him wearing a maroon beret, the generic headgear of those assigned to airborne units.

He was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne); however, he was in an organic support element. He was working as a driver. Junior mechanics are often detailed as drivers. He should have been airborne (parachutist) qualified; but, not Special Forces qualified (i.e. not a Green Beret).

You're probably familiar with some conventional Army structure like a company, x 3 = battalion, x 3 = brigade, x 3 = division. A Special Forces Group (which is geographically oriented) is like a supersized brigade with organic supporting elements including a Service Company (doctor, dentist, assistants, motor pool mechanics, mess hall food service specialists, supply specialists), a Signal Company (radio communications, maintenance, audio-visual), and a Military Intelligence Company (intel, counter-intel).

There are a lot of service members assigned to Special Forces Groups who are not Green Berets. They need only be airborne qualified to fill those support positions. Neither those in the military nor those outside the military with any knowledge of Special Forces unit structure refer to a soldier who isn't Special Forces qualified as a Green Beret just because the soldier is assigned to one of the Groups.

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