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The Un-Tuckian
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Shoulda planned those rivers more carefully.

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Tw sure can type. Idk about all those cresting river heights. I do know that all this shit is flooded around here. Fayetteville is flooded and Matthew didn't bother them much last time. People like to live next to the water, but for some unknown reason never think about a flood.

Where my parents lived on the Lockwood Folly river in Supply, NC the different floods never got in the house. This time its a foot deep I hear. Just as well I sold it a couple years ago.

Down on the coast are tidal rivers and the tide acts like a dam against the draining landscape. It will take awhile, but Carolinians are tough.
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Gaston IL (on the Mississippi River) would flood. And people assumed that was normal. Two major flood one year apart finally brought sanity. They fixed the human created defect. Gaston move the entire town up the hill. No more flooding.

We would constantly build homes by grading properly. For example, homes on steep hillsides never had flooding. Steep hills in the back yard were graded to that water always flowed away and around from the house. I cannot say how many homes were so badly graded as to beg to be flooded. Building homes on a flood plain or in a reservoir below the dam height is just plain stupid.

A river only at flood stage should never flood any home or close any major highway.
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