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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
So you are saying the power fluctuation caused it, and the microwave has always had this problem?
Not any power fluctuations. A list of different anomalies under that category are many. This one type fluctuation is why a watchdog with voltage monitor exists. And why some computers and games also have a safety lockout feature.

Other speculated anomalies (ie a surge) do not explain those symptoms. For example, if power on was created by a surge, then that oven would remain always powered when plugged in. Fact that it worked normal after power cycling implies a problem often found with real time single chip computers of that vintage. And not something created by a mythical surge.

If a cat started it, then that microwave eventually timed out. Or a thermal safety monitor cut off power. Unlikely a cat can just happen to hit a right sequence of keys. Or even has sufficient paw strength to depress those keys.

Provided was enough information to provide relevant facts - to define the defect. Much later comes a solution - which typically does not involve trashing a microwave.

Little facts, such as the above requested behavior of incandescent bulbs, is significant information. Also the state of other household appliances would say more.

BTW, when one only understands how to 'wreck shit', then even "electronic rust" is proof that Martians are conspiring with the Rovers to kill us all using our microwave ovens. Since extremists tell us those also used processor chips of same vintage design. He would accomplish more writing for Marvel.
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