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3 months in and Iím getting a clearer picture of how things work.

Working 7 days now but on the weekend there no one there to ask questions so itís often not full days. Work myself into a dead end then leave for the day.

1000 people work in my building but no more than 10-15 work OT.

The greater the challenges we face, the funnier people are at work. Not a great buildup of stress and pressure. No a-holes or bullies anywhere*

Observed lessons , not my firsthand experience...

Corp armed security, polite but firm. Guide newbies into compliance softly, there are a lot of non mil newbies. Do not get cute funny or fresh with security even if they make you very nervous and you try to lighten up the interaction with a joke.

USMC security - as you might expect are a bit more ďdirect actionĒ. If they bark at you stop immediately. Not one more single step. They are authorized to lay hands on you at their discretion. If they freak you out just close you eyes and stand still. STFU until they ask you something. You are not free to leave until they tell you so.

Do not believe that young female marine wonít kick your balls in if given justification.

The pay is pretty dam good with all the OT. Bruce, I have something for you.

The housing development area is a night time free fire zone. Koreans are the most dangerous from what I hear about the area. I donít have time now days for a thrill seeker stroll around that area yet but itís on my bucket list. Letís see if they recognize a vest worn under a shirt. And what that may mean.

If you are working at the shipyard you are making money, if not, you arenít. Itís the best game in town. Maybe the state.

Iíve not experienced an oz of Ill will here. Itís pleasant out where Iím at. This area used to be the jungle. Now itís working low wage. Good folks. I like them. They like me.

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