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Parenting Bringing up the shorties so they aren't completely messed up

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The future is unwritten
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Busy kids are happy kids

94 Ways to Keep Kids Busy for the Work at Home Parent I don't know if this will be of value to anyone here, but it caught my eye and I figured you might find it useful.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Looks like a good list. Lots of stuff for my two mini-Beesties (6 and 7) seen here doing what they do too much of...
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good looking kids
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Wow, I can see the brain cells dying!

Idle hands are the devil's tools.
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Nice, Beestie! The real question is, did they even notice when you took the picture? My stepdaughter, 8, gets that exact same slack-jawed look within about 5 seconds of the television being powered on. You literally have to block her view before she realizes anything else in the room is going on.
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Dont you love that zoned out look?

Men get that alllll the time and it has nothing to do with the TV...well...not all the time
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