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Food and Drink Essential to sustain life; near the top of the hierarchy of needs

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You don't really need a open fire but they would probably taste better...
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I've always wondered about that. I've never even seen a chestnut.
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shelby used to prep them that way, but then she'd cover them in kosher salt in a wok, cover the wok, and cook them on the stove for a good long while. the salt heated up and cooked them evenly.... and they were pre salted when they were done.
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the only time I have seen Chestnus was in Washington St. I think most of the trees are gone.

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About a month ago, I did a pet sitting job for a family that lives in an old farmhouse. On the property were eight or ten chestnut trees and three huge walnut trees.

I picked a ton of them off the ground and was very excited to finally try chestnuts for the first time. I prepped them and roasted them in the oven (per a recipe I found online), and got ready for a yummy treat.

Only, they weren't yummy. They weren't even edible. In fact they were poisonous.

What’s the difference between horse chestnuts and sweet chestnuts?

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