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How do i suggest something for IOTD?

Namely this
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Have keyboard, will travel.

But seriously, any member can post an IOtD.
Try not to duplicate an already used date and use the established format for the heading, to make it neat and easier for people to sort out.

If you post spam in the IOtD, we will find you and cause you great pain... we have net savvy agents, everywhere.

Try to post pictures that haven't appeared on a hundred other sites.
If there's a back story to the picture, post it or link to it, but don't link the picture. That way, when someone is going through back IOtDs, they don't see a red X.

@ ogwen69. Those, and similar, duck pictures have been posted on numerous web sites. There never seems to be pictures of the babies down in the sewer or being rescued. In each case, a debate ensues as to whether the ducklings actually fell through the grate or passed out of the picture. Whether the babies would fit through the grate. Whether they are that clumsy.
Thanks for thinking of the Cellar.
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Yaw this item is about 5 years old and I believe it has been debunked.
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But hey, we love people from Yorkshire here. Post us something from close to home!
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