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Stone, blocks, pinning... Man I have spent a tremendous amount of time and thought on this issue.

I absolutely must have the frame solidly supported. If the blocks shift or slip out that would be bad under thousands of pounds of water and electricity. I could pin the block in place with a piece of sheet metal I guess.

The gravel is cheap though and not especially inconvenient to acquire. That truckfull cost 16 bucks. Haven't worked out how many trucks full I'll need though.

Plus I do really like the vertical support the gravel provides. Ffs I drive on it in the driveway. That's reassuring. Seems solid.

Thinking thinking thinking....
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When I said pin them I meant an angle nail or straight down.
You might want concrete blocks directly under the tub, they're super heavy, as you know.
That stone may hold moisture but the concrete should at least help keep it from coming up from the ground.
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Around the 500th photo of cutting the supporting blocks, I wondered if it would have been easier to just order a load of gravel, rake it out level, and build on top of that? And then I saw your picture of the gravel load. LOL.

That's a huge project! Lots of work, and I see SonOfV in some of the photos. Isn't he in NYC now? It takes forever to do projects in your spare time.

Looking good. I'll be interested to see the final product.
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Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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Very cool!
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Originally Posted by BigV
Awww, thanks Clodfobble. You're right, Jack is super, super skinny. Was skinny, he died a few months ago, these are some of the last pictures we have of him trotting around doing dog work.

We loved him very much, I absolutely promise you he was not deprived in any way of any food or love or attention.
Bummer. At least he was able to supervise some of the early work, make sure you did the job right!
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still says videotape
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I will file this under; Go big or go home!
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