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The future is unwritten
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Preachers, Shoes, and Money

♫ Now I'm hiding in Honduras
♪ I'm a desperate man
♫ Preachers, shoes and money
♪ The shit has hit the fan

And these are current used shoe prices...
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Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Am recusing self
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Wonder if those expensive shoes are tax deductible?

Or maybe the contributions are coming in so large and often that it doesn't really matter.
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That's too much for a pair of sneakers.

Those folks are confused about what is important.

Good job by the high end brands though, finding suckers.
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The Un-Tuckian
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The meek shall inherit the Earth.

These 'preachers' ain't gotta worry 'bout that.

They are vain, and vanity is not good.

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