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Old 03-19-2012, 08:39 AM   #196
infinite monkey
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I'd heard about the Puerto Rican comment then heard on the radio that he got trounced there. Idgit.

Saw a clip on the news this morning some guy, some politician I think, said Santorum is using the secret service (can they do that?) on his campaign now. He said "It's the first time he's used protection."
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Originally Posted by infinite monkey View Post
I'm sorry I can't find it on youtube, and if you don't want to watch the commercial I'm also sorry.

But this woman is finally saying something that needed to be said. The irony is noted.
Truly brilliant!
"Never trust quotes you find on the internet." - Abraham Lincoln
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Old 04-11-2012, 06:13 PM   #198
Nearly done.
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Has Santorum made his views clear on contraception? Perhaps he just pulls out.
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Old 04-12-2012, 01:29 PM   #199
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Old 04-17-2012, 10:11 AM   #200
infinite monkey
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Run for president. Suspend the campaign. Ask supporters for money to get out of the campaign debt:

"I know there's been a lot of articles written that somehow we dropped out because we ran out of money. That just is a little, very, very small piece of the story," Santorum said. "The bottom line is we wanted to take this race as far as we could to the point where we felt that we could be successful."

But shortly after he suspended his campaign last Tuesday, an e-mail was sent to supporters asking for help to retire his debt. Debt would burden Santorum's goals going forward, the e-mail read – the same argument the call's moderator and campaign adviser Mark Rogers made to supporters Monday night.
Debt would burden his goals going forward? Too fucking bad. I don't know a lot of people down here on the actual real earth whose debt isn't burdening goals of moving forward.

Oh, and 'there HAVE been a lot of articles written..."

Dumb, and greedy, and dumb. WTG Rick. We hardly knew ye.
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Originally Posted by Tony Soprano, "Live Free or Die", Season 6 Episode 6. April 16, 2006.
I agree with that senator Sanatorium [sic] who says if we let this stuff go too far, pretty soon we'll be fucking dogs.
six years ago, he was being used as an example of backwards bigotry. Way to move BACKWARDS while the rest of us move forward, rick.
not really back, you didn't see me, i was never here shhhhhh
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