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9th Engineer
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Do Men Need To Open Up More??

Our paper ran an editorial series on a study that came out recently dealing with how men conduct personal relationships vs women. I don't have a copy of the article anymore so I don't have the name of the study (sorry). It basically said that in contrast to popular belief, most men experience a great deal of stress and anxiety over percieved personal inadequacies within relationships. It cited the unwillingness of men to confide personal secrets or weaknesses with other men, and feeling that doing so with a woman other than his partner constituted unfaithfulness as a primary cause. All in all it was saying that men need to be more open with each other.
Personally I know I would rather amputate my own retinas than talk about my insecurities with my guy friends, but I don't think anything is going to change that. Thoughts on this?
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Your Bartender
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depends on how close your friends are. if you think they'll keep what you say to themselves and respect you more for's much much easier. the thing is, guys like to rag each other. this inhibits.
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