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I dont know if all of you have heard but a new micheal moore film called SICKO about AMERICAS SAD MEDICARE system and how "suspects of terror" can recive PRESIDENTAL healthcare while there are familes with none at all that really need it. Look at links below and post your thoughts.

Just sad
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I don't understand as well, brother.
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I will have reserve judgement until the films release. Moore has a way of twisting facts around a subject to sensationalize issues. We have huge problems with our health care system in the US, but I would not trade it for another countries tax system it would require to adopt some level of socialized medicine. Our Pharmacy companies, HMO's, and Insurance Companies are all corupted. The problem is when you try to take a country like the UK, Cuba, or a population the size of Canada and try to apply that to a system 10 times the size and complexity of the one in comparison.
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